Hotel Cloud Software gives you
peace of mind

Take care of your guests and stop worrying about everything else sells your rooms online at no commission, manages prices and availability on portals and sends
automatic quotes in just 9 seconds.

Cloud technology

To use you only need an internet connection, thanks to cloud technology you do not need to install anything, updates are automatic and you save on hardware


With software you save time by automating activities and can say goodbye to manual prices and availability updates on online channels


A small fee for a complete service: no activation costs, no server or hardware required therefore zero maintenance costs. You can also purchase hourly packages to receive additional training depending on your needs

Sell your rooms online

Our commission free Booking Engine sells your rooms on your website, while the Channel Manager distributes your rooms on portals by synchronizing prices and availability in real time. Say goodbye to overbooking and manual work.

Create your hotel's website

Are you looking for a simple and easy to use website to showcase your property online? With you can create the website for your hotel in a few simple steps. Accessible from PCs, smartphones and tablets and with the Booking Engine allows you to increase your direct bookings.

Why choose is entirely cloud, has no activation costs and simplifies your life. What are you waiting for? Try it now!

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