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The Booking Engine of is your online reception, ready to receive commission free reservations 24/7, how? Thanks to the variety of features included that have been developed to increase your direct sales, here are some:

Increases revenue

Create secret offers, promo codes and enrich your offering by selling extra services to your guests. Use persuasive pop ups that show the user the convenience of price displayed on your Booking Engine compared to online portals.

More reservations

By connecting Hotel.CC Booking Engine to your website and to the Facebook page of your property, you can increase your direct bookings and consequently your revenue by canceling portals’ commission costs.

You set the rules

Set prices, availability, minimum stay, deposits, payment and cancellation policies; open and close sales according to your managerial needs and guarantee your maximum security to your guests during the payment process

Responsive templates

Mobile bookings have increased by 84%: having mobile friendly content is no longer an option but a must: our Booking Engine is not simply visible from smartphones, tablets and PCs, but adapts its contents according to the device used

Do you want to start increasing your hotel's direct sales immediately? Cancel commission costs of portals and increase your revenue with the Booking Engine!

Why choose

Simple and intuitive

Insert texts and images in one click to best represent your rooms online, take advantage of all the features already included in the Booking Engine to increase your direct sales, reduce the volume of commissions paid and increase your revenue

In the cloud

To use the Booking Engine of you only need an internet connection, thanks to cloud technology you do not need to install anything, updates are automatic and you save on hardware

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